Pride in Water
Co-Design report (Stage 1)

The Pride in Water co-design report is an important stage in the development of Pride in Water becoming a sustainable LGBTIQ+ pride network for the Australian water industry.

In October 2019, 26 organisations participated in the full day facilitated workshop. The day explored issues around working together, barriers to inclusion and how we have a vision for working together. It was an exciting day for all involved, as it mapped out the vision for a future water industry that would lead the way with creating proudly diverse and inclusive workplaces for our LGBTIQ+ staff, contractors and customers.  

The day explored the following topics, which set the formula for the next steps for Pride in Water.

  • How do people want to be involved in Pride in Water 
  • What is the change that we want to see 
  • How can Pride in Water be a sustainable network 

Download: To download a copy of our report, please click here.

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